Marketers continue to underestimate the effectiveness of text messaging (SMS) for marketing campaigns. It’s not as sophisticated as mobile applications and developed mobile websites – but it’s far more effective. Getting someone to subscribe via SMS is much easier than getting them to download a mobile web application with push messaging… and the conversion rates may even be higher!

The Components of a Great SMS Marketing Campaign highlight 6 key points to consider when sending any text message marketing campaign. The information is actionable, and can enable any SMS campaign effortless success:

  • Create a valuable offer

Always ask yourself, “does this text create value for my subscribers?” If the answer is “no,” or “I’m not sure, “ don’t send the campaign. Put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers. Would you like to receive texts messages from a business you love that are worthless?

  • Start with the offer

Text messages are meant to be short and to the point. In the busy world we live in today, it’s important to cut right to the chase. State your offer first It doesn’t need to be cluttered with extra verbiage. Your customers will appreciate it and are more likely to respond – after all, SMS is all about convenience, so state the most important info first.

  • Include a direct call to action

A Call to action is simply a request or instruction letting your subscribers know what the next move is. It gives them direction and is a push to get them going.

  • Create a sense of urgency

This helps you to achieve results as quickly as possible. Including some sort of expiration helps inspire your subscribers to take action in a timely manner (especially during the holiday season when people tend to procrastinate on the shopping front).

  • Make the offer exclusive

It’s important to make your subscribers feel as if they are part of something special. If an offer was available to anyone, being a subscriber becomes less appealing. Let them know that they are special!

  • Mention your brand name

Make sure that your subscribers know whom the text is coming from and where they can redeem the offer. It’s not fun receiving a text message and not knowing who sent it.  

By following these foolproof key points, any SMS marketer is enabled to produce a successful SMS campaign. By applying these practices during what could possibly be deemed the busiest month of the year, you’re allowing your SMS campaign to stay in the top of customer’s minds this holiday season. More about no deposit bonus here, have a look!