SMS marketing can be a tricky beast, which is why it’s so important that anyone considering testing the mobile marketing waters gets themselves hooked up with a high quality SMS campaign tool that can cut the learning curve in half. But one of the trickiest parts of SMS marketing is having to cram an awful lot of information into a very compact medium of 160 characters or fewer. While this can present its fair share of challenges, it can actually work in your favor.

• People are constantly on the go, and they prefer marketing that’s brief and to the point. With an SMS marketing tool, you’ve got no choice but to be concise, and that works well in your favor.

Working with 160 characters eliminates the whole “artistic” angle from digital marketing. This is one of the main points of frustration for a lot of marketers, in that the creation of e-newsletters and blogs is highly focused on literary abilities that not a lot of people possess. But if you’re limited to 160 characters, there’s simply no room to be verbose. Just state the facts and fire off the message.

• Short messages are conducive to getting read, which is one of the primary hurdles that face a lot of email marketers. When a message arrives in someone’s email inbox there’s a high likelihood that it won’t be read until later on – but in SMS marketing, messages are so brief that they’re almost guaranteed to be read on receipt. This can have a huge impact on your marketing campaign’s effectiveness.