If you’re a local small business owner and want to stay in contact with those who frequent your shop, pub, restaurant or other business, consider using a text messaging service. Not only is this an easy way to maintain contact, it’s also cost-effective.

Create a Targeted Subscriber List

Creating a targeted subscriber list by location is a great way to maintain a steady stream of sales. Even if your pub is already the busiest in town, why not expand to the next town to draw in even more people? To create a targeted list based on location for your SMS campaign, determine the radius (usually based on how far a customer is willing to travel to visit your business) and then get these people to sign up at your business, on your website or social media pages or from your email mailing list.

Benefits of SMS Marketing and Advertising Locally

Concentrating your SMS marketing efforts on those who are local will result in the more sales. For example, if you have a retail shop and a website, getting people to spend their money immediately by visiting your shop will result in high profits than sitting around and hoping those same customers make a purchase online. Use your website to attract those unable to visit your shop.

Market to locals using SMS notifications to announce one-day sales, discounts on food and drink, and special events that only locals would be interested in going to because they can get there quickly. In most cases, those on your list will bring along other people – which will increase profits.

Other benefits of concentrating mobile campaigns on a local level include:

  • Becoming a larger presence in the community
  • Building a reputation as a ‘neighbourhood’ place
  • Building long-term relationships with regular customers
  • Steady stream of profits
  • Become a business that generations of families can trust

Even though your marketing efforts may include a heavy online presence, remember that as a small business owner, tapping in to the local market can be equally as profitable as long as you maintain good relationships with customers.



Starting an SMS Campaign

After building a local subscriber list, send a message or two each week that highlights an event or special offer. Always include the business name, street location, phone number and web address. Make mobile campaigns more fun by sending surveys, polls and other games people can play together. Make your campaign even stronger by continuing to build your list and maintaining regular contact with subscribers.