Small businesses must take notice of and tap into the massive mobile phone market as soon as they possibly can.  If the opportunity to reach cell phone users is ignored, a large amount of business is being left on the table.  In today’s demanding lifestyle most people tend to check their text messages more often than they look at their email account, so a text message may be the more effective marketing strategy.

Several strategies can help your business to explode with the use of text messages:

·          An SMS text marketing service can assist your small business with the messages that you wish to convey.  They can also help you to decide when those messages should be sent.  Time of day is not always an issue since people will always receive messages sent by your campaign as soon as they turn on their phone.

·         Providing value to your customers will have them coming back for more.  Always over deliver by providing useful information to customers, such as confirmation numbers from an order they placed or a time of expected delivery.

·         Ask customers for feedback.  When you send SMS short code, you can provide a link where your customers can reply to your message and give valuable feedback.

·         If certain dates are important to upcoming events or sales within your business, you can send SMS based on date which will alert your customers to those dates or events;

·         You can send messages that are exclusive to subscribers of your text marketing campaign.  People who are interested in your brand will want to sign up to your list to have access to that kind of exclusivity.

Many business owners have no idea what kind of messages to send.  The messages that are being sent through your campaigns are as important as what you are trying to promote.  If you have no idea about what kinds of messages will get your customers’ attention, then your messages may go unnoticed.

Professional text marketing campaign managers have the ability to create laser targeted messages that can get the attention of your subscribers as soon as they read the subject line of your incoming text.  You can discuss variables with any capable campaign manager and tweak your campaign to suit your promotion on an ongoing basis.  There is no time like the present to start building your audience of text message recipients, and your marketing manager can assist you with strategies to build your list quickly and easily.