Customers love choice, and the company who’s trying to win repeat business is smart to know this. However, there are some instances where too much choice can be a problem – like when implementing mobile marketing strategies.

The first step toward achieving an effective SMS marketing solution is to remember the environment of your target audience. You’re going to be hitting people with SMS marketing messages when they’re out and about, while they’re riding the bus to work, mowing the lawn, waiting to pick their kids up from school, and any other conceivable activity under the sun (hint: the operative words here are “under the sun” – your mobile marketing strategies should always take into account time of day and never contact anyone too early in the morning, or too late in the evening). Regardless of where they are, all of your recipients will have one thing in common: they’ll be reading your message on their cell phone.

Therefore it stands to reason that you shouldn’t treat them as if they were logged onto their desktop computer. Cater your mobile marketing strategies to the mobile user. Put yourself in their shoes. A majority won’t be able to (and likely won’t want to) download image or video attachments with your message. They’re working on a much smaller screen, so you’ll need to pare down the size of your message and boost the font size. And the majority will likely be on the move, so you’ll have to deliver that message as quickly as possible.

Mobile marketing strategies require the stripping down of messages to their bare essentials. By doing so you’re limiting the choices your recipient has, but in this case, the less choice the better.