Text message marketing is a great avenue for getting your message in front of recipients who really want to hear what you have to say. However, SMS marketing is generally thought of as a successful strategy when it comes to marketing to consumers—not in a business to business capacity. When done right, though, SMS marketing can be an effective tool in a B2B setting as well.

Step One—Understand how your prospects us mobile devices 
If your customers don’t use mobile devices, text message marketing won’t be effective. However, most people have at least one cell phone that they use regularly, so odds are that you will have a good sized pool of recipients. This can be a great topic for a survey for any organization looking to maximize their mobile efforts.

Check with your web team to see how often your site is accessed by mobile browsers and consider making your site more mobile friendly prior to launching an SMS marketing campaign. Prospects can visit your site and take action directly from the marketing messages you send to them.

Step Two—Plan your SMS Marketing strategy 

Determine what SMS marketing software will fit your needs as an organization. Once you have something in place that will send out messages, the next step is getting a list to send to. SMS marketing has a distinct edge because your recipients request that they are sent your messages. This increases the chance that they will be read.

When you are ready to start sending out SMS marketing messages, make sure that your strategy includes testing to see what types of messages work best.