Text marketing is a growing field for many restaurants. With more and more restaurants vying for a limited supply of consumer dollars, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of competitors in your area. Instead of opening a restaurant with a nice sign and hoping for the best, get ahead of the game with a well-constructed plan to send bulk sms messages.


Eating out is often an impulsive decision. While many meals are planned in advance, imagine a typical lunch break in an office building. “It’s lunch time,” one of your coworkers might announce. “Where do you all want to eat?” This becomes an impulsive decision, and the first person to come up with a good idea usually dictates where the group goes for lunch. Now imagine if your text marketing services were good enough so that you could send a great deal to one of these office workers at 11:45 – just prior to lunch. You could easily capitalize on this impulse market and drive revenue (and hopefully repeat customers) to your establishment.


SMS, as opposed to online coupons or even group emails, is best reserved for impulse buys. You’ll do best, then, to focus on meals where people choose their restaurant impulsively. Breakfast, at 39% impulsive, leads here, but lunch is not far behind at 31% impulse. Dinner is the least-impulsive meal at 22%. Since breakfast volume is often far lower than lunch, however, you may do best to weigh the impulsiveness of breakfast diners with the number and value of lunch buyers. Dinner is likely the worst meal for sms bulk messaging.


Whichever meal you choose to promote, keep in mind that SMS messaging is a cheap and extremely effective way to reach impulse diners. Help your bottom line by focusing on this rapidly-growing marketing segment.