Recruiting talented people to fill entry level, mid-level, and high-level positions takes time, patience, great communication skills, attention to detail, and a positive attitude. Having the right office equipment and tools can make this job a little less stressful and more rewarding – because there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile on someone’s face when you’ve found their dream job.

But getting to that point requires you to go through the recruitment process. From finding potential employees and preparing them for job interviews, internships, or temporary work to working with other recruiters and HR professionals to secure full-time employment, the process can be a long one. SMS text messages can play an important role throughout this process. With the benefit of instantly communicating with people, you can get more done during the day, make better decisions, and negotiate better deals for clients.

Throughout this guide, you will learn ways to use a text message service to meet, recruit, groom, and locate permanent job positions. You already know how to do your job, now it’s time to learn how to do it with even more efficiency.

Text Messages and Recruiting

If you’re like most recruiters or HR professionals, you attend a lot of job fairs, and talk with students finishing up their degrees or those reentering the work force. You may even meet a few mid-level professionals wanting a change. You can meet potential recruits anywhere – at the office, parties, supermarkets, through friends and family, online, or at the endless number of networking and business events you attend.

Text messaging can play a vital role in remaining connected with people you’ve just met. After exchanging phone numbers and email information, you can quickly send a thank-you text expressing your enthusiasm for the chance to work with them. From there, use text messages to send job search updates, links to job seeking resources, and other information that those you’re recruiting may need.

When sending text messages, always include your name or business name, website address and the reasons why your texting. Include any other links or information that recruits need to know.

Planning Events

If planning a networking event, send a quick message to those you want to attend. This is an easy way to get in contact with people all at once so you can spend the rest of your time making arrangements for the event. Those on your list can RSVP immediately so you know how many people will be there. If some people can’t attend, you still have time to invite others.

Appointment Setting

Set up initial meetings with those looking for employment via text. People can give you an answer quickly – either agreeing to the time you suggest or offering an alternate time. Being able to get in touch with people immediately saves time and effort on your part. Instead of waiting for an email reply or a return phone call, you’ll have a better idea of what’s going on so you can plan your schedule. If one person can’t make it at the time you suggest, go to the next person on your list.


Send a reminder the day before a meeting to verify people can still attend. This is also a great way to remind people without pestering them. If someone needs to cancel, you may still have to time to schedule another person.

Managing Recruits

If placing people in internships or temporary positions while searching for full-time positions, you need to make sure that these people show up for work on time, perform all job tasks required, get paid on time, and are treated with respect while on the job.

When sending someone to a new job site, send a text after their first day to ask how the day went and if they need anything from you. Send an alert if emailing employment documents or payroll forms so people know to check their inbox more frequently.

Some people will not need much guidance from you once they become familiar with the job, others will need constant reminders and reassurance. For example, if trying to find a job for a recent university graduate, you may need to send information concerning dress code, office behaviour, employee rights, and other items they need to know when on the job. For more experienced workers, this is usually not necessary unless they request it.

Save time and energy by sending quick text messages instead of leaving voice mail messages or waiting for people to check their email. For most people, these are just not viable options when at work. Most people, however, will check their phone for text messages during breaks or during their lunch hour.

Placing Talented People

Finding permanent jobs for people means working with both potential employees and employers to match the right people with the right jobs. This is not an easy task. Having a large pool of talent allows you to find those with the most appropriate skills sets and talents to perform well in specific positions employers need to fill.

After finding potential job candidates, it’s your responsibility to set up appointments and meetings so hiring directors and HR personnel can gauge whether a candidate will be a good fit for their company. Use text messages to send reminders to both potential employees and employers the day before the meeting with location and time information.

Send follow-up messages to job candidates and hiring managers after the meeting suggesting times to call to discuss the outcome.

If one of your recruits is hired, stay in contact for the first two weeks to make they’re happy at their new job and if they require any more assistance from you. You should also ask recruits if they can refer your services to others in need of employment. Include links to your website and other online channels you use to advertise your services so people can forward messages along easily.

Working with Recruiters/HR Personnel

In addition to working closely with those looking for employment, hiring managers and supervisors, you also may work closely with other recruiters and HR personnel in charge of payroll, employee affairs, and hiring. Getting to know these professionals is very important as all of you can help each other place people in appropriate job positions.

You can use text messages to stay in contact with people by sending periodic updates about new talent, upcoming networking events, or to ask if anyone is in need of employees with certain skill sets. If you have an online portfolio that contains the resumes of the people you represent, include a link to the site in your message.


As you can see, communicating via text simplifies everyday tasks like appointment setting and confirmation, event planning, reminders, and follow-up calls. Use text messages whenever possible to stay in contact with people and to schedule phone calls or face-to-face meetings. If you travel often for business, text messages can be a great way to check in at the office to see what’s going on.

If, in addition to being a recruiter, you’re also the owner of a professional recruitment firm, use text messages to stay in contact with employees throughout the day. Most recruiters are on the go from morning to evening attending meetings, networking events, or traveling. Short messages updating employees on the latest news, procedures, new recruits, and other information helps people remain connected to the office even when away all day.

Encourage your employees to share information concerning their recruits, companies they’re helping, or important networking events they are planning or attending with each other. Helping each other will increase revenues and create a respectful and productive work environment that can help more people. Job recruiting can be an exciting and rewarding job that’s made even better when you can rely on your team to help out when needed.

Texta HQ – Text Message Platform

Texta HQ provides you with everything you need to effectively communicate with recruits, hiring directors and other recruiters. With Texta HQ, you can communicate with individual recruits or send bulk text messages promoting upcoming networking events so everyone has the opportunity to attend. Features include:

  • Templates for easy text message creation
  • Ability to import subscriber lists
  • Automate messages so they are delivered when you want them to be even when you’re busy attending to other aspects of your business
  • Free Incoming Replies
  • Ability to personalise sender information, send polls and create rosters to send automatic meeting reminders and to schedule other events
  • Ability to include URL’s and track click through rates

With this platform, you can easily maintain good business relationships with everyone from recruits to HR personnel to employers. Create a Free account with Texta HQ today!

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