For delivery and other types of errand services, providing quality customer service separates good services from great services. And since more and more people count on couriers, floral, package, and errand services to get things done, you can start and grow a thriving business by going above and beyond what your competition does. Communicating effectively with customers reduces stress for everyone and ensures all deliveries are made on time.

By using text messages to communicate with customers, you can spend more time out of the office making deliveries and less time on the phone or computer trying to reach people. This will increase revenue as you will be able to fit in more deliveries each day.

Coordinating Delivery Times

Work with customers to make sure all goods and materials arrive on time. Send SMS notifications the day before delivery. Ask if customers have any special instructions such as where to leave or pick up packages. Instead of making endless phone calls and sending emails that remain unopened in the customer’s inbox, a quick text message may help simplify the delivery/pick up process and make everyone’s life a little easier.

Delivery/Pick Up Confirmation

Send a short text message confirming the delivery/pick up of items to reassure customers. For many business people, getting time-sensitive materials to clients, partners, vendors, and others is stressful and frustrating. Being able to reassure customers that their materials have arrived safely adds value to your business and will most likely result in repeat sales.

Changes to Delivery Time/Location

Changes to delivery times and location happen. If a customer needs to change their delivery time or location at the last minute, they can quickly send you a message with further instructions. Also, customers can contact you for last minute deliveries. This means additional revenue for your business. Never miss another last minute delivery request again just because you were out of the office or your inbox was full. Text message services provide a quick way to communicate, even when you’re on the go.

Communicating with Employees

Coordinate delivery/pick up times with employees and provide additional instructions, directions, and other information instantly. Reduce travel time by suggesting faster routes to delivery drivers. Make sure employees conduct themselves in a professional manner by communicating throughout the day to make sure they are making all scheduled deliveries. Send mass text messages to all employees pertaining to lunch breaks, last-minute deliveries, and emergencies.