Promote holiday sales using SMS notifications to let subscribers know about upcoming and ongoing holiday sales. Since increased competition can cause a decrease in sales, promoting sales via text message provides an instant connection to customers. You can also use these types of marketing messages to increase business by encouraging people to pass them on to friends, family, and co-workers.

Reach More Customers in Less Time

Reach customers instantly to send information about holiday sales. Keep your message brief, but include the name of your business and website address. Wish subscribers a happy holiday (keep this greeting neutral by avoiding any religious references) and encourage them to visit the website now.

Since most businesses host online and offline sales during the holiday season, you need to try to stay one step ahead. Text message marketing can help you reach every person on your subscriber list within seconds. Get your message out before the competition. Send your first holiday sale message as soon as the sale starts. Send one or two reminder messages during the sale.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

The most effective text messages drive traffic to websites, blog and social media pages. It is on these pages that you actually sell goods and services. During the holidays (or any other time during the year), try to coax people to visit your website. Include your website address on blog and social media pages. Send text messages that include the website address along with a brief description of what people can expect when visiting the site.

Offer discounts to entice people to visit your website in addition to sales on the site. Use a keyword that represents the discount amount (HOLIDAY, MERRY, HAPPY, etc.) that customers can use to redeem their discount when checking out. Send an additional discount after subscribers make a purchase to encourage repeat sales.

Surveys and Polls

Send a brief survey or poll after a subscriber makes a purchase to gather information for future sales. Your survey may include questions about a recent purchase, customer service, product quality, return/exchange procedures, and more. Use this information to make improvements to your business.

Use polls in the same way – to learn more about subscribers. Polls can be lots of fun, so try to ask simple, but entertaining questions. Post results on your website and encourage subscribers to visit the site to see the results for themselves.