As a marketer, it is important to plan out your marketing activities throughout the year to coincide with key activities for your brand. For instance you may have an up-coming springtime sale and if so, you need to prepare your marketing materials on time.

Spring is also an ideal time to catch your audience via SMS. If you are already engaging in text marketing activities, then you already have your database in hand. This way you’re also managing to reach them just before the Christmas rush when their inboxes will get crowded and they won’t be in the mood for yet another marketing pitch.

On the other hand, you may not have a specific sales offer in hand during this time. Why not prepare a spring marketing campaign that rewards them for being a part of your brand’s success? This will help keep your brand top of mind when the Christmas and New Years’ rush begin. Send them something free – a downloadable app or wallpaper – that will make them visit your site and engage with your brand when you aren’t trying to sell them something. Chances are you will be creating loyal customers who will continue to engage with you in the long-term, because they will value you more.

Creating this kind of planned spring marketing activity is a powerful text marketing campaign, adding more value to your entire integrated marketing mix for the year. It is an important part of adding value to your brand because you are making a conscious effort to keep in touch with your customers and offer them something of value at no cost, without trying to get them to spend any money.

Understanding a consumer’s mindset and spending capabilities throughout the year are important to a marketer because marketing activities need to also be created around lifestyles and not only about what the brand has to offer during the course of the year. As we mentioned – spring is less about spending and more about preparing to spend in the coming months – so spring marketing is about a brand’s ability to engage with consumers without the spending aspect built into the communication.

Spring is here, so why not start putting together something now in order for you to be able to create more positive value for your brand when the Christmas spending begins?