With an increasingly on-the-go population, SMS text message marketing is a key method to use when it comes to contacting your customers and prospects.  Using a variety of approaches to your SMS campaigns will improve your chances of attracting the greatest possible response from your audience.  Below are some SMS strategies that can help you take your campaigns to the next level.

Offer Special Deals to Your List

This will not only increase customer loyalty, it is also a great way to build up your text-based lists.  In this day and age consumers are highly focused on specials and deals of all kinds, and if joining your SMS marketing list gives them access to these types of deals it improves your ability build out your list.  It also improves your ability to get your message out, as customers who have benefited from your past offers will be more inclined to read any future texts you send.

Use Special Codes

Offer consumers who text a selected keyword to a special code discounts or other inducements.  This is another way to help build your SMS marketing list quickly and efficiently.  Using bulk mobile messaging you can send your invitations to a wide variety of potential customers, and then follow up only with those who express interest.

Acknowledge Significant Dates

A mobile birthday wish or e-greeting card for other special events is a good way to show your customers and prospects that you are interested in more than simply sending out sales notices.

Reduce No-Shows

Texting a reminder message is a great way to cut down on the amount of no-shows.  Harried consumers who may otherwise not be reachable by phone may notice a text –reducing no-shows can pay for itself many times over in the long run.

Social Media Integration

Another idea is to integrate your text messages into your Facebook page or other social network platforms and allow users to view the message there.  This takes advantage of the growing popularity of such platforms to increase the scope of your messaging efforts.

Text voting

Use polls to gauge the interest of your audience in various products and offers.  This keeps your audience engaged and lets them know that their opinion counts.  Check with your SMS gateway provider to see what types of polling services they offer to find the polling process that will work best with your audience.