Connecting with your prospects or existing customers through text message marketing has never been easy, so we decided to come up with a quick list of some of the most promising mobile text message marketing strategies to connect you to your customers and prospects with a minimum of interference…

1. Try and be as brief and focused as possible

While sending bulk sms, always ensure that your messages are brief and focused. Understand the preferences of your target audience and try to speak to them directly about how your product or services can help them. But make sure that when doing this, you don’t include any unnecessary details in your messages. Make it tight and unambiguous.

2. Use short keywords and codes

Similarly, keeping your response codes short assists your bulk mobile messaging campaign by making it easy for customers to text back a specific word (for example, SPA, MEAL, TICKET etc) to accept your offer.

3. Don’t use slangs or hype to attract your audience

Never make your text messages appear as spam messages — that’s a serious turn off for any customer. Doing this repetitively will not just fail to yield a result, but may also damage your reputation in the market. Keep your messages free of abbreviations and slang, and don’t overuse phrases such as “amazing offer” etc.

4. Use mobile coupons

Don’t shy away from using mobile coupons every now and then. A lot of your existing and potential customers enjoy saving though special offers or discounts. Identify these customers and regularly send them mobile coupons so as to win their trust and loyalty.

5. Use SMS voting

SMS voting is an easy and convenient way to engage your target customer base and make them feel that their opinions count. Needless to say, this will make your target audience feel special, which in turn could earn you extra brand loyalty.