As text message marketing gains increasing market acceptance for business purposes, one use of the practice that is growing by leaps and bounds is for employee communication.  The benefits of using SMS for such purposes are manifold, as detailed below.

SMS Offers Broad Employee Access

Posting a notice in the lunchroom, a traditional method of communicating with employees, suffers from the fact that the number of employees that will read the message is hard to gauge.  Some employees may eat elsewhere and hence miss your communication. SMS from computer, on the other hand, can be sent to virtually every employee a company may have, wherever they may be.  This is especially valuable for companies that operate at widely separated geographical locations, or who have employees out in the field on a regular basis.

High-Speed Delivery

Another advantage of SMS messages is that they are typically read almost immediately, or within minutes of being received.  For time-sensitive issues this makes SMS messaging an ideal method for alerting employees.  The speed with which SMS messages are delivered also can improve productivity by reducing the amount of time employees need to spend gathering together to receive announcements.  Cutting down on meetings gives a company’s employees more time to do their job, ultimately helping the bottom line.

Reliability of Delivery

SMS messages are typically read within 5 minutes of being received, unlike other forms of employee communication, which may go unread (such as lunchroom notices), or not be read for days (such as email).  Knowing that a message will get through to their employees provides a company with greater certainty in the operation of their business.

Concise Communication

The limited display capability means that text messages must be short and to the point.  This works to promote the use of such messaging primarily for important company messages, rather than for less urgent material that may be sent by email or via some other method.

Employee Morale

SMS messages are generally seen as a more personalized method of communication.  As a result, using SMS can help build employee morale, as employees feel that the company is interested in communicating with them directly.  Texting messaging offers a great way to quickly communicate with employees and help build loyalty by doing so in a manner that demonstrates that the company is interested in taking a personalized approach to communicating with them, making such a practice well worth looking into.