SMS is a low cost way to reach your customers quickly.  This kind of advertising is low cost when you compare it to other methods that require a much larger budget.  SMS messages generally get an immediate response and have a 95% open rate.  When you send out your messages, they are seen instantaneously, and you cannot expect that kind of response from any other type of marketing.

With this in mind, how can your small business make the most of SMS?  Here are five great tips:

1.       Consider hiring a marketing firm that provides text marketing services such as Texta HQ.  Dollar for dollar, you will get the best return on your money with a text message campaign.  Marketing professionals can help you to develop a message that is going to get you the best response from your message recipients.  Professionals understand what kind of message needs to be sent out in order for you to get a decent response.  This is preferable over trying to figure things out on your own.

2.       Know your target audience.  What kinds of messages do they like to read?  Are there some kinds of offers you can make that will motivate them to respond?  Be sure that you focus on interacting with your customers and encourage them to leave feedback regarding your campaign.

3.       Decide on a campaign and stick with it.  Each message should convey a single idea in 160 characters or less, that is going to have the most impact.  Be direct and to the point with every message that you send.  While you will enjoy a quick response to your campaign with a 95% open rate, you will also know immediately if people are not engaged in your message.

4.       Create a call to action with every message.  What is it that you want people to do?  Click on a link?  Respond to your message?  Get down to your location?  Tell people, they need to know!

5.       Create excitement with contests, text vouchers and coupons.  People really love to receive great deals and things for free, give them more of what they want!  Ensure that the people on your SMS list receive offers that are exclusive to them, just for being on your list.  The rewards you offer do not have to be of a monetary nature, just make sure you make your customers feel special – like VIPs.

The first campaign that you embark upon may seem scary at first, but once you have that initial campaign as experience, you will be able to complete the subsequent SMS automation with ease.