Digital marketing experts understand the importance of creating an extensive calendar for marketing activities due the timeliness of delivery contributing to both purchase and loyalty when it comes to customers. They don’t want to be bombarded with information from you at a point in their day or year. Being able to reach them in the right way, at the right time is of paramount importance. The holiday season increases the importance of having this calendar in place a hundred fold – because the volume of marketing material that is released during this season around the world is also increased tremendously.

We recommend that you develop a detailed calendar that maps each day and even specific times of the day so you are well planned and ready to stand out over the clutter during the busiest season of the year.

Firstly take into account of your brand attributes and activities vis-à-vis what aspects of those you would like to highlight during the season – in respect of what your consumers would find most appealing at this time of year. Then take account of what channels you would like to use to get these messages across from email to social media posts and so on.

The next thing to plan out before you put your holiday marketing calendar together is determining how the content will look and feel in each medium. What templates will you use? Will you modify your look to suit the season? Determining this will also help you decide how much time each of these activities will consume.

Once you have all of this information in place you can start putting your calendar together based on when the content will go out to consumers and how much time it will take to prepare everything so it is ready on time.

Winning the in the digital marketing game gets that much tougher during the holiday season and the best way to have an edge is to be carefully planned with allowances for unplanned, short term activities. You never know if your competitor has the same proposition during the season or if their activities are detrimental to your marketing plan. Something newsworthy may happen that is relevant to your brand that you could capitalize on that is aside from your planned activities. Basically something could occur that you didn’t plan for that you should also make allowances for in your holiday calendar in order to win during this time of the year.

Go ahead and start putting your holiday calendar together right now in order to avoid any last minute issues when the season starts rolling in.