General Questions

Using Folders to Organise Your Campaigns

In Texta you can organize all your emails and SMS messages into folders. When you sign up, you will inherit some predefined folders but you are also able to create unlimited personalized folders.

To create a new folder simply click on the + icon next to the “Personalized Folders” menu on the left.

You can click on […]

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Cancelling Your Account

While every bone in our body hurts while writing this, we want to give you the freedom and choice to cancel your account at any time.

Please note that sending us an email on requesting to cancel an account is the ONLY way to process cancellation.

However, we encourage you to raise any concerns or dissatisfaction […]

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Changing your Password

Texta recommends that you keep your password secure and that you change your account password regularly to maintain the security of your account.

To change the password go the Settings (above the main navigation buttons)
Click on change password
Enter your old password
Enter your new password twice
Click on Save

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Format of Mobile Number

Use 64xxxx or 02xxxx for NZ numbers and for international numbers it must be in international format such as 60xxx (Malaysia) to indicate that number is not NZ else the number will be considered as NZ number.

No + is to be added to the number.

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Delete Subscriber from the List

If you want to remove a subscriber from a list, unsubscribe the recipient and recipient will no longer receive SMS.

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