Automation triggers and Autoresponder triggers are the same thing.

Autoresponder triggers are event that cause a email (Autoresponse) to send.

Types of Autoresponder Triggers

Texta has a number of Autoresponder Triggers

  • Subscribe – If someone subscribes to your mailing list, then you can automatically send them a welcome text.
  • Un-Subscribe – If someone Un-Subscribes from your mailing list then send them a sorry to see you go text
  • Roster – When the date in your roster matches todays date then send out a reminder email re game time and venue
  • RSS Feed – When the RSS feed on my web site is updated them email all my clients to check for new news
  • Matches a Date – When someone in one of my lists has a birthday (birthdays need to be stored in database) then send out a Happy Birthday wish