Running a event like a meeting, birthday, a party, mates meeting for a sports activity or even a wedding?

Texta provides all the functionality to allow you to send out the invitation with date, time, place, then sit back and wait for the RSVP messages to come back.

From the Setup an email screen (Message tab)

  • Click on the ‘Build Campaign’ button under the ‘Event RSVP Campaign’ option
  • Give your event a ‘Event name’ i.e. Birthday Party – My Place
  • Select the date when he event will be held – Sunday 29th Jan 2012
  • Select the time of the event – 11.00am
  • Click the ‘Continue to next step button’
  • Texta, automatically generates the message with smart tags for you. The request to reply yes or no to the invitation is also added to the bottom of the message. You can change the wording of the SMS but you will need to be careful not to alter the smart tags
  • Click the ‘Continue to next step button’
  • Click the ‘Schedule Campaign’ button to send your RSVP Campaign

Now sit back and wait for the replies.

You can review the replies by checking the ‘unique replies’ stats under your campaign. You are also able to download the guest list (those that have replied, yes) from Texta.