Texta provides just the smartest, easy to use auto responders feature anywhere. You will be amazed and wonder, … why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

A clever way to stay up to date with RSS feed updates, is to set a Auto Responder to alert your users once a day, if your RSS feed has been updated.

From the messages Tab

  • Click the ‘Create new SMS campaign’ button
  • Give your message a name – ‘RSS Alert message’ sounds good.
  • Skip the Select Recipients’ step by clicking on the ‘3. Campaign Type’ header
  • Click ‘Build Campaign’ under the Broadcast SMS option
  • Type your RSS Update feed message. Remember to use smart tags to personalise your message
  • Click on ‘Save and continue to next step’ button

Do not click the ‘Schedule Campaign’ but Exit the Create a SMS message screen by clicking on the ‘Automation Tab

From the Assets Tab

  • Select the RSS Feeds sub Menu
  • Click the ‘Create new RSS feed’ button
  • Give you new Feed a name
  • Copy in the URL of the Feed
  • leave the Pull option at 1
  • Status is set to ‘Active’
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button

From the Automation Tab

  • Click the ‘Create a new Auto Responder’ button
  • Give you Auto Responder a name. Something clever like ‘RSS Feed Auto Responder’
  • From the ‘Select an event trigger’ drop down menu select RSS Feed updates option
  • Check the box next to the mailing list that your wish to notify that the RSS Feed has been updated
  • Skip the matches the following additional conditions – Advanced feature.
  • From the ‘then send SMS based on’ drop down menu select the the message you created in the above step. In this case ‘RSS Feed message’ campaign
  • From the ‘Send this’ box Choose when you want the message to be sent
  • Click the ‘Create Auto Responder’ button

Congratulation! Autoresponder has now been created to Alert all those in the list that your RSS Feed has been updated

One more thing. A copy of your Message, in this example ‘Welcome Message’ is placed into the SMS Templates folder – found on the Message Tab. It is this copy that will be used by the Auto Responder.