Filling seats at a small theatre, concert hall or outdoor venue shouldn’t be too difficult – especially when a famous band is set to perform. Even popular plays and shows draw crowds quickly. So what do you need SMS for when promoting music and theatrical events? SMS notifications allow you to send vital information to subscribers quickly and allow you to focus on all the other details that go into putting on a great show.

Promote Upcoming Events

Promote upcoming events before tickets go on sale so subscribers can purchase them as soon as possible. Create a ‘pre-sale’ VIP membership that allows subscribers to purchase tickets before everyone else. This is a great way to promote events and encourage people to sign up for your list. Include a link to the website promoting the event so subscribers can order tickets online or find out more information about the event.

Ticket Purchase Confirmation

Send a ticket purchase confirmation message after a subscriber buys tickets. This is one way to let them know that the order has been placed. You can also send an email message that contains full details of the purchase.

Dates and Times

Send automatic reminders of dates and times a day or two in advance to subscribers so they don’t forget when the show starts. Include a link to the website promoting the event as a reference.

Changes to Schedule

In the event of a sudden cancellation or change to the event schedule, update subscribers so they are aware of the changes. Send a mass text message to those attending as new information becomes available. Mention new dates and times or refund options.

Benefits of SMS Messages for Small Venues

Large corporately owned arenas, stadiums, and concert halls outsource ticketing and other customer service duties, but smaller venues, particularly those locally owned do not have this luxury. Communicating quickly and effectively with customers is key to running a successful business. With SMS text messaging, you can accomplish a variety of things:

·         Marketing and promotion

·         Drive traffic to website to place ticket orders

·         Send ticket purchase confirmation

·         Send reminders

·         Update customers as necessary of any changes

·         Promote website, blog, social media pages

This allows you to focus on other tasks and details necessary to put on a great show or event.