API Docs Two-Way SMS API


Warning: This 2-way SMS API requires that the originating message be sent using the Send SMS API.

You will need to define your preferred callback URL in the API Credentials section under Settings after you login to the Texta App.

This API is used for processing any inbound messages as a result of a message being sent out but your app using the Send SMS API.

Parameters for this call 

Once an incoming reply is detected, Texta passes the following parameters to your callback URL as a GET param.

Parameter Type Function param_value
from Integer This is the mobile number the reply comes from 642111223344
msg Alphanumeric The reply from the number  hello
user_data Alphanumeric Optional additional information that you may have passed along with the Send SMS API call additional information
Response Generated:


<?xml version"1.0"?>
 	<error code="200">OK</error>
Please note: The best use of this API is to create custom feedback loops for outbound messages that suit your business needs.

For example, using this API call, you could have a ticket based support system automate customer service updates as follows:

In your ticket based help-desk system, you can have a button that posts basic information about your customers to Texta Send SMS API for sending out the initial message:

Example: Send, customer mobile number, message (can include personalization tags), and additional data such as ticket ID, current status etc. to the Send SMS API.

Example Message: Hi John, your support request ID 112233 has been assigned to Jack and we expect to have the issue resolved by 4pm NZT. You can reply “Status” to check the current status of this ticket at any time.

Customer then replies “Status”.

Using this Two-Way SMS API, you can read the incoming responses as follows:

The callback URL will get the customer mobile number, the message (Status) and the fields you passed in the user_data section of the first call (ticket ID and status).

Using this information, you can then query your system and grab the latest status and send a second message like so:

Hi John, Ticket 112233 is still pending resolution. ETA is still 4pm. Please check back again shortly.

It is important to note that when using a feedback loop scenario like the one described above, you make script efficiency a priority to make sure you are processing data efficiently on your end and not making redundant calls.

If you have any questions about this API call please contact the support team.