Check Out My Website!

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by creating a mobile campaign that gets people excited about what you have to offer. As the number of people who carry smartphones increases, you now have more opportunities to get people to your website to make a purchase or at least learn more about what you have to offer.

Getting People to Your Website

Send a series of text messages that provide a little more information about your products and services each time.

Send an initial text message that contains basic information (business name, type of business, products, services, etc.) and the website address.

Send a second message the following week that encourages people to visit your website: ‘Hey, have you checked out our website yet? If you have the time, please do so now.’

Send a third message that offers a little more incentive: ‘Visit our website today and receive 5% off your first purchase.’ Include a coupon code customers can use on the website. If you don’t want to offer a discount for the first purchase, offer a free gift with purchase or offer a discount for the second purchase.

Maintaining Customer Interest

With so many businesses taking advantage of mass text messages today, it’s hard to maintain customer interest for very long. This is why you should integrate your mobile campaign with your email and social media campaigns.

Create short surveys and polls and post them on the website, blog and social media pages. Send bulk text messages to encourage people to participate and then another message when the results are published. Do the same with monthly contests and raffles.

Be Creative, Not Pushy

You goal is to get people to your website. Hopefully, they will like what they see and bookmark the site for later or browse the site and make a purchase.

Be creative, not pushy – you only have about 35 words (140-160 characters) to get your message across – use your website to sell products and your mobile campaigns to get people to the site.

Instead of trying to sell people your products via text message, send information they would be interested in knowing about – upcoming events, new product launch dates, sale reminders, invitation to join your newsletter or read your blog. The key is to use various marketing methods (SMS, email marketing, blogs, social media, direct mail) to encourage people to buy what you have to offer and to build a long-term brand.