Getting your message to consumers can be difficult in an attention-deficit society.  With so many messages vying for their attention, cutting through the clutter is not easy to do.  This is one reason SMS text message marketing has gained in popularity; it targets a device that your customers and prospects tend to keep with them at all times, increasing the chances that they will notice your texts in real time.

Additionally, you avoid gatekeepers such as spam filters that are normally associated with email messages.  As a result, if you approach it properly, SMS marketing can be a highly effective way to connect with your audience.  Some strategies for doing so are listed below:

Provide Exclusive Offers

SMS marketing gives you an effective method of reaching your audience, but holding their interest is not guaranteed.  One way to keep them reading your texts is to sprinkle them with truly exclusive offers that will drive business and increase customer loyalty.  Whether these take the form of a VIP club or one-time discounts or something similar, the idea is to motivate consumers to continue reading and responding to your messages.

Keep it Simple, Smartie

Given that text messages are not the place for long lists of a product’s benefits, keep your messages short but sweet.  This means that the hook or the most important part of your message should go first, to avoid losing the interest of time-strapped prospects.

Take Advantage of Short Codes

These codes, in combination with keywords that you ask your readers to type and send in to a short code, can be highly effective in gauging interest in and marketing your products.  Use two or more keywords so that you can segment your marketing approach for efficiency.  Check with your bulk SMS gateway NZ to see what their capacity is for using even more keywords if you plan to launch an elaborate SMS marketing campaign.

Allow for Opt-outs

Don’t keep texting consumers who would prefer not to receive such information from you.  Give them a chance to opt-out of receiving such texts if they choose.

Acquire SMS marketing mailing lists


This is a good way to dramatically increase the scope of your SMS marketing campaigns.  Many of these lists can be segmented by consumer type to allow you to efficiently target your campaigns to the most receptive audiences.  Using a bulk SMS portal to reach consumers once you have acquired the lists can be done rapidly, typically taking only a few minutes.