We often think that the content we release is what the digital marketing game is all about – but have you considered the effects of commenting on other content? Commenting on other blog posts related to your business and the timeliness of your current portfolio or offer, can prove to drive more traffic back to your content. This means you can actually create a lower volume of content and increase the overall hits to those fewer and more focused pieces that take a consumer on a journey along your path while having set out on another. You are bringing them along the path of your buying cycle without having to post any content of your own at times!

Understanding the need to comment isn’t enough however – as with all great content, there are specific ways in which you can create powerful blog comments that will generate traffic and get a lot of attention. Here are few tips to get you started:

 1. READ IT!

You can’t comment on a blog post you haven’t read and understood in order to make the comment all the more real and relevant. This is how you avoid becoming a spammer.


If you want to get attention, then you can’t be a reader’s friend and say something as simple as ‘Super post!”. You need to be able to add good value or argument to the point being made in the post. After all, a comment is a response to something.


While you don’t always have to agree with what a blogger says, it would be great to sound positive and appreciate their point of view as much as you want other readers to appreciate yours. There’s a way to disagree gracefully – it’s all about learning the fine art of tact and tone.


If you know a specific blog will have more posts you could comment on, we recommend that you start following or subscribing to these blogs so that you are informed when a new post comes up. This way you become one of the earliest to read and comment – automatically making your comment one of the first to be read.


Don’t be an anonymous source – be a real person and leave you name on your comments. Create a Gravatar for yourself that leads readers back to a profile of you that could connect you back to your organization for more validation.


Continually use free online services such as Google Analytics to be able to track your comments to know if what you are doing is actually working.