SMS Marketing is one of the best ways to reach people because many of them are constantly on their phones.  A quick method of communication such as texting can get your message out to your customers and increase business in minutes.  When you approach your marketing campaign, you may want to consider using a New Zealand bulk SMS service that has experience with crafting messages that will get you noticeable results.

Here are six tips that can help you to improve your SMS marketing:

1.       Send a single message with one idea.  Do not try to cram a pile of information into one single text that is confusing to the recipient.  Your message should be clear and it should be easy to respond to.  You can have people click a link or text a code back to you or any number of other response behaviors that engage your audience.

2.       Never use abbreviations in your messages.  Use full words and proper language, do not use lingo of any kind.  This is reserved for casual conversations, not business communications.  The more professional your text messages are, the better the image you convey to your customers.

3.       Seek out the assistance of a professional SMS text service NZ.  The advantage is simple.  A professional company can set up a campaign and a direction for your campaign that can increase business with a series of targeted messages that encourage interaction from your subscribers.

4.       Simplify the purchasing process for your customers by including a direct link to a promotion or text vouchers that give a discount.  People are more likely to open your messages if they offer some kind of value and savings.

5.       Never send out messages in “all caps.”  The effect of all caps is that you are shouting at your subscribers.  Sentence case is perfectly acceptable and is not offensive to people who will be reading your messages.

6.       Start every message with an “action” word.  Words like “save, buy, spend, run, stop” are words that tell your readers what is expected of them.  Which is more effective:  “Stop what you are doing and click here” or “We are having a sale this week”?

Once an SMS campaign is in place, you will notice a difference in sales activity in your business.  Many business owners are unsure of how to set up a good campaign and that is where a great SMS marketing service can help out.