So you have decided to take the plunge and get more exposure for your business through SMS marketing?  Congratulations! You’re onto a winner! Plenty of businesses are getting better results with bulk text messaging marketing than with traditional marketing methods. There are so many excellent ways to engage your customers with this method and as it continues to evolve, more and more businesses are getting onboard. 

With that in mind, here are 6 steps to better SMS marketing:

1.       Who is your target audience?  You need to know exactly who you are sending messages to in order to be able to get their attention.  What does your audience want?   If you know the answer to this, then be sure to give them what they want.

2.       Don’t try to cover every topic at once.  Send a single, targeted message to your subscribers and make it clear what the purpose of that message is.

3.       Include a call to action in your message.  Let your subscribers know exactly what you want them to do.  A call to action is an “action” verb, such as “click” or “go” or “hurry”.

4.       Create excitement with a contest that is exclusive to your SMS subscribers.  This is one way to increase the size of your list with more subscribers if the prize is good enough.  Contests and prizes do not always have to include a monetary item, it can be a service or something of value that people really want other than cash.

5.       Never send spam to your subscribers.  Many people have to pay for each text message that they receive and they are not going to appreciate receiving pointless messages constantly.  Always have a purpose when you send out a message, make it clear what that purpose is in your message.

6.       Enlist the services of a professional text marketing services company.  Doing your campaign correctly the first time is the best way to build credibility with your subscribers.  Together, you and the company that you engage can brainstorm and create an exciting campaign that will help your company to build its business quickly and easily.

Most businesses are using SMS messaging in one way or another for their businesses.  If you are not marketing using this method, then you are probably paying too much money for your advertising when it is completely unnecessary.  It is time to consider the possibilities of building your business using SMS messaging through a bulk SMS gateway.