Are you using SMS marketing?  If you do not know what SMS marketing is, it is basically the practice of sending permission based, opt in text messages to a customer list that will receive your messages and then take action (as per instructions that you provide).  If you are not currently using a service to send SMS New Zealand short code, then you really should read this list of 6 reasons why you should be SMS marketing:

1.       Most people carry a smart phone and communicate with text messages.  If you want to reach your target audience, it is a pretty safe bet that you will be able to do that with text messages.

2.       People like to be reminded and advised of special and exclusive deals.  If you want to make your customers feel special and establish a loyal following, you should be using SMS.

3.       SMS bulk messaging is not only affordable, it is extremely effective.  95% of messages that are sent out are opened within 15 minutes of receipt.  Email campaigns cannot even come close to that high of an open rate.  Many different types of marketing are very expensive and not nearly as effective.

4.       You can decide how often you want to send messages, but the general rule of thumb is one or two times per week.  You can easily determine the effectiveness of the messages that you send out when you see how many are opened.  This can allow you to make any changes you think are necessary to your campaign as it is sent out.

5.       You can easily increase business on “slow days” by sending out limited time offers that must be acted upon with a certain amount of time.  On those days when business is especially slow, you can send out an offer that has an end of day expiration date.  Customers will show up at your business with their exclusive coupons – an especially great marketing tactic for restaurants.  Ask your customers who have received text messages to show the message to receive even more exclusive offers.

6.       You can build a subscriber list much more easily than with email or other forms of marketing.  SMS is the single most effective marketing method that is a great way to communicate directly with your customers and see the results of that communication in a very short time frame.  Finding companies that offer text marketing services to benefit your business is a simple process.