After you’ve been in the SMS Marketing game for a while, it’s easy to get a little burned out. Constant pressure to perform, a hypercompetitive marketplace, and an ever-changing marketing landscape are just a few reasons why marketers can lose focus. SMS marketers are no different, and whether you’re sending out SMS surveys in NZ or bulk texting in the US, you’re sure to hit a roadblock from time to time.

If that’s you, here are a few ways to keep your SMS marketing game fresh and exciting.

1.       Games and contests – We all know that direct marketing pitches aren’t very effective via text. Consumers generally dislike receiving advertising in what they view as a “personal” account, and trying to do this without an angle is generally a recipe for trouble. But who doesn’t like games and contests? Giveaways are always great, and sending signups and updates via text is a great way to get your texts noticed.

2.       Product updates – Informational texts are also better than your stock marketing pitches,             so using bulk text SMS marketing to update your customers on offerings, features, and prices can be a good way to facilitate interest and trust without losing customers. Try keeping these to a minimum though – “product updates” start looking old very quickly.

3.       Polls and surveys – These are other fun ways to let customers give feedback and usually have much higher read rates than typical text marketing.

4.       Shipping – This is an easy and informative way to get customers reading your texts. Why rely on standard, boring email when you could send text alerts?

5.       Appointment reminders – Just like the last one, appointments are a great excuse to send updates. You can follow up with more targeted text marketing down the road.

6.       Members-only – Everyone loves being part of a club, so sending texts to your highest-value members is a great way to get additional sales and loyalty, especially since text is still a “personal” form of communication.