SMS marketing has slowly and gradually established itself as one of the most viable, affordable, efficient and effective marketing tools for businesses from all over the world today. But unfortunately, despite its seemingly endless promises, many marketers are still not able to leverage on its rich offering.

If you are finding it hard to cash on your SMS marketing efforts, then the following these five Golden Rules of SMS Marketing may be able to show you the way out of the quagmire…

Rule 1.

Always try to include an irresistible offer in your sms marketing campaigns. Apparently, people have this inherent affiliation towards exclusive clubs, and being a part of one makes them feel special. If you want your text messaging campaigns yield better results, make a point to induct special discounts and offers into your campaigns. In the absence of an attractive offer, the messages you send may appear as only junk texts to your recipients.

Rule 2.

Try and send personalised sms messages — better if you can blend in some humor when appropriate. If your sms marketing software allows you and there’s just enough space, include the name of the recipient in the message body. After all, in marketing nothing really works better than an one-to-one communication.

Rule 3.

Try to integrate sms marketing with your other marketing efforts — primarily online marketing and print media ads. Because only 160 or so characters are allowed per message, it may not be possible to convey all you have to say in just one sms. But if you can draw your target customers’ attention to your mobile campaign, then you can ask them to visit your website or social media profile for further information on that given offer, product or service.

Rule 4.

Speaking with a consistent voice tends to help your image and credibility in the market. Never dilute the reputation of your brand and confuse customers by speaking with different ‘voices’. If your brand has a long standing reputation of communicating with fan and followers in a playful and friendly tone, carry on with that tone in your all marketing efforts, including sms marketing of course

Rule 5.

Last but not the least, always be relevant and prepared to respond to any current and local events (such as sporting event, local holiday, festive season etc.) whenever possible. Such currency makes you look accessible, relevant and relatable.