4 Ways to Follow Up after a Purchase

Providing quality customer service even after customers make a purchase helps establish your business as professional and caring. Sending a follow-up SMS message shows that you want customers to be happy before, during and after you make a sale. Not only does this allow customers to voice their opinion, it also gives you a chance to address any concerns or issues they have before they contact you.

How’s Everything? (The Direct Approach)

Send a text message a few days after the customer receives their item or uses your service to see if you met their expectations. A simple ‘hey, just wondering if the product or service you recently purchased met your expectations’ is plenty to reassure customers that their satisfaction means a lot to you.

Ask customers respond by sending a message back or by directing them to your website to send an email or provide a customer service phone number so you can answer any complaints or concerns that way. Always address complaints or concerns as quickly as possible to ensure customers remain pleased with their purchase.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Send a mass text message that includes a link to the customer satisfaction survey on your website or blog and ask customers to fill it out. Include ways to get in touch with you on the survey. This is a great way to get feedback without putting too much pressure on customers. Ask customers to rate their experiences, product or service quality and if they would purchase other goods and services from you.

Use this information to make changes to products, delivery methods, prices and other issues that customers were not pleased about.

Like Me!

Send SMS notifications to customers asking them to befriend you on social media sites like Facebook, Googleplus+ and others you belong to. Ask customers to post information about their experiences in buying from your business and any other information they want to add. Address any concerns they post by answering them as quickly as possible.

Something for Nothing

Most people enjoy receiving free gifts. Instead of including a free gift with purchase, send a discount code or other offer after a customer makes a purchase. Not only is this a great way to say thanks, it also prompts customers to make additional purchases. Add an expiration date on the offer to encourage customers to take advantage of your generous offer.