Take advantage of the latest advancements in technology to communicate more effectively with customers that visit your business location to buy goods and services. Send quick SMS notifications when orders are ready or to remind customers of upcoming appointments. Not only is a great way to quickly touch base with customers, it will also save you valuable time.

Pick Up Please!

Send a quick text message for food orders, dry cleaning services, pet grooming and other services that require customers to come back to your store to complete their purchase. Even though you should be able to provide an approximate time when their order or purchase will be ready for pick-up, make it even easier for customers to budget their time by sending a text message.

Notifying customers via text provides additional customer service and value for customers which should encourage repeat business.

Appointment Reminders

Send a quick text message to customers the day before their appointment as a reminder. Include the day, time and location. Appointment reminders should not be relegated to just the service industry – physicians, dentists and other medical professionals and their patients can really benefit from sending SMS notifications to remind patients of upcoming appointments. Save time and money by sending quick text messages instead of spending half the day making phone calls.

Reminding customers and patients about upcoming appointments allows them to better plan their day and helps those who are forgetful stay on track. Use text messages to schedule future appointments as well.

Alert Customers of Special Sales

In addition to sending promotional messages to those on your subscriber list about upcoming sales, consider sending special messages to those who purchase the same or similar items from your store on a regular basis. These customers are creatures of habit who know what they like and where to find it. Send an alert about their favourite products to encourage sales as many of these customers will take advantage of any discounts they can receive on frequently purchased items.