Segment your subscribers

One probable reason why you’re not getting the results you’re expecting from your SMS marketing campaign is because you’re sending out generic marketing text messages to everyone in your subscriber list.

Always remember that your customers don’t share the same tastes, preferences and buying habits. How and why they make a purchase strongly depends on their demographic characteristics—their age, gender, geographical location, occupation, education levels and marital status, among others.

This means that they will react differently to your text marketing messages. It is guaranteed that not all of your texts will apply to all of your subscribers. For example, if you’re sending out Mother’s Day promotional text vouchers that apply only to mothers, why would you send them out to everyone, including your male subscribers?

Segmenting your subscribers may take some effort, but the rewards are notable. If you want guaranteed response, you should tailor fit your messages to your subscriber segments.

Here’s a bonus tip: Don’t only segment, personalize your messages, too! Begin each message with their names to get their attention. Your text marketing services provider should be able to help you with this.

Time texts correctly

Are you texting your subscribers at the right time? The rule of thumb is to send out marketing texts during normal business hours. When you send texts during appropriate times, you’re telling your subscribers that you respect their time.

However, if you run a business outside of the normal business hours, this rule may not always apply. For example, if you discover that a significant number of your subscribers make purchases at later hours, it may be worthwhile to send them texts beyond normal business hours. Just make sure that you don’t send it out too late that it becomes intrusive.

Offer exclusive promos and “insider” information

Customers like to feel special. One of the effective ways of doing so is by offering an exclusive promotion. Give your text subscribers the occasional freebie or discount. Offer a free e-book or a free upgrade with a purchase. These promos need not cost you a lot. Remember that the point of a marketing promotion is to increase your bottom line—don’t hurt it by bloating your marketing expenses.

Offer “insider” information—let your subscribers be the first to know about your promos and programs. Tell them first about product launches or let them be VIPs in the events that you organize. These are just some of the simple and inexpensive ways providing exclusivity to your subscribers.