There are a lot of things to know when you are trying to market a business.  You need to formulate a marketing plan and have text message marketing ideas in place before you get started.  Once you are rolling with a campaign, you want to ensure that you don’t lose momentum.  It’s important to plan out your campaign in advance and then follow that plan throughout the campaign.

With that basic information in mind, here are three tips to make your next SMS campaign a raging success!

1.       Keep it simple and choose a single keyword.  Keywords that are simple to search are going to be more likely to bring you visitors than long tailed keywords.  For example, “wine” is simpler to remember than “Denise’s Wine Shop”.  Use the keyword that you choose continually throughout your campaign.  Many businesses try to switch it up too much through the middle of a campaign and this is a big mistake.

2.       Offer something that is completely irresistible to get people to sign up for your SMS list.  Some businesses will offer coupon deals and incentives or they may offer exclusive access to something, such as a VIP club.  Whatever you offer, it has to be something that people cannot get anyplace else – only if they sign up to receive your sms welcome message.

3.       Personalize your messages.  Direct the messages that you send to the individual who signed up to receive your text messages.  People like to feel important and to be treated like they are special.  Don’t forget to treat your customers like they matter – many businesses tend to look at the number of people and send out a blanket message, one that is not personalized.  Take the time to add a personal touch and expect amazing results from your efforts.

Many businesses become worried about how they can run a successful SMS campaign.  It is not that difficult when you have a complete plan in place.  What you need to do is hire a company that specializes in text marketing services and have them design a campaign geared towards your product or your company.

Remember, if you are not marketing through SMS, there is a huge amount of responsive customers that you are not reaching at all.  Don’t give your competition the edge, find out how you can get involved in SMS marketing and bring your business up to the next level this year!