If there’s a great way to run an effective text marketing campaign, it’s this: Take a look at the top three things that most marketers forget to do and do them. Too simple to work? That’s what they said about the paper airplane. OK, maybe they didn’t say that, but you get the gist. Below are the three most often overlooked SMS marketing campaign musts that you’d be nuts to ignore.

Let Them Know Who You Are – You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) to find out just how many marketers neglect to identify themselves in an SMS marketing message. Many people mistakenly assume that their customers’ phones will automatically inform them of who’s texting the way caller ID always lets you know who’s calling. This isn’t always the case and can lead to a message not being read.

Remember Your Call to Action – This is where you remind your SMS marketing recipients why you messaged them in the first place. Although it might seem a bit obvious to do so, never finish any communiqué (whether that’s email, SMS message, or bullhorn announcement) without telling your captive audience what you want them to do. Something as simple as “Visit our online store today!” can make a mighty difference.

Refer Them To Your Website – Text marketing rarely leaves room for details. It’s just a bite-sized message intended to get your customers’ attention. Always use the opportunity to include a link to your website where subscribers can get all the gory details in full. Since most mobile devices are now browser-enabled, there’s little chance that anyone in your audience won’t be able to click on a hyperlink you include.