Do you know how much advertising information your customers process daily? Everywhere they go, they see advertisers pushing their brands to them. They encounter a relentless parade of ads on a daily basis.

When they turn on their TVs to watch the news or their favorite sitcom, they see commercial after commercial. They see billboards during their commute to and from work. They see ads when they read the paper. More ads proliferate when they open their laptops, tablets and smartphones to browse the Internet.

Ads appear everywhere. Because of this, your customers may become immune to the dozens they see everyday.

So how can you make your marketing messages stand out?

It can be as simple as a text message sent over a bulk SMS service.

1.     It’s quick, immediate and straightforward.

Did you know that over 90% of text messages sent are opened and read by your customers within the first few minutes? And because it goes straight to your customers’ phones, you make sure that your message is delivered to your target market.

2.     It’s effective, when done right.

Studies have shown that text marketing can be very effective and can produce a redemption rate between 20% and 70%. Traditional media? They only average a measly 1.5%.

SMS marketing can be a challenge, because of the character limit. But when done right, it can convey a message that is straight to the point and can call your subscribers to action. Come up with a catchy come-on to entice your customers to visit your shop or make a purchase. Up the ante by offering an exclusive SMS offer or a special discount code.

But remember, its effectiveness hinges on how appealing and successful your SMS is. Make sure that you follow the 4Cs of composition: be clear, concise, concrete and complete.

3.     It’s cost-efficient.

Bulk text messaging marketing can be very cost-efficient. Consider how much sending an SMS costs versus running a print or radio ad. And with a redemption rate of up to 7 in 10, that’s a lot of value for a few cents!

However, do remember that its cost-efficiency hinges on the quality of your mobile subscriber list. Keep it clean and make sure that all numbers are accurate and updated all the time. While texting can be cheap, sending texts to many incorrect numbers can run up and lead to unnecessary costs.